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    130325 - Adult Spring/Summer Trips

    Artistic Director David Palmer and former Artistic Director Jamey Leverett join forces to bring new magic to the classic, beloved story of "Cinderella."

    *This performance runs for two hours and has two intermissions.

    Minimum of 7 participants
    Maxiumum of 14 participants

    For more information call us at 723-2425

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    Add to Cart130325-13Rochester City Ballet: "Cinderella"03/10/18- 03/10/18Sa12:45P- 5:00P$3221 years and UpN/AAvailableItem Details
    Add to Cart130325-14Damn Yankees Performance at Theatre on the Ridge03/11/18- 03/11/18Su12:30P- 5:00P$3321 years and UpN/AAvailableItem Details
    Add to Cart130325-15Rochester Amerks vs Utica03/28/18- 03/28/18W 6:00P- 10:00P$1921 years and UpN/AAvailableItem Details
    Add to Cart130325-16The Great Escape Room04/11/18- 04/11/18W 6:00P- 9:00P$2721 years and UpN/AAvailableItem Details
    Add to Cart130325-17Maple Festival in Macedon, NY03/25/18- 03/25/18Su 8:30A- 4:00P$321 years and UpN/AAvailableItem Details

    320112 - Triple Threat Basketball

    This is an introductory basketball program that emphasizes the fundamentals of sportsmanship and age appropriate skill development.

    Please indicate t-shirt size at time of enrollment

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    Read Notice320112-01Triple Threat Basket01/09/16- 03/05/16Sa 9:15A- 10:15A$35/$05 years to under 9 yearsN/ASee DetailsItem Details
    Read Notice320112-02Triple Threat Basket01/09/16- 03/05/16Sa10:30A- 11:30A$35/$05 years to under 9 yearsN/ASee DetailsItem Details
    Read Notice320112-03Triple Threat Basket01/14/17- 03/04/17Sa 9:15A- 10:15A$35/$05 years to under 9 yearsN/AFullItem Details
    Read Notice320112-04Triple Threat Basketball-Winter Session01/27/18- 03/17/18Sa 9:15A- 10:15A$30/$05 years to under 9 yearsN/ASee DetailsItem Details

    320324 - Field Trip to Sky Zone

    This trip will include two hours of jumping and jump games. Socks will be provided.

    Please Note: In order for your child/children to participate, you must go online to to fill out a waiver. It is important that everyone jumping must have a waiver filled out or they will not be allowed to jump.

    Don't have a computer or smart phone? Visit the Rochester Sky Zone location at 1180 Jefferson Rd. Henrietta, NY 14623 to use their computers to fill out your waiver.

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    Read Notice320324-01Field Trip to Sky Zone02/21/18- 02/21/18W 9:00A- 1:00P$158 years to under 15 yearsN/ASee DetailsItem Details

    320351 - Kids Discovery & Experiments

    Kids will enjoy the experience of using their imaginations exploring, sorting, and experimenting with all sorts of materials.

    All supplies will be provided for program.
    Please wear appropriate clothing for messy play.

    Activities to Include:
    -Squishy Bag Experiment
    -Card Board Box Creativity
    -Painting with Balloons
    -Creative Sand Art
    -Play Dough Fun
    -Homemade Ice Cream Experiment
    -Cloud Dough Experiment

    ***No Program 2/22***

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    Read Notice320351-01Kids Discovery & Experiments01/11/18- 03/08/18Th10:50A- 12:00P$82 years to under 7 yearsN/AFullItem Details

    330120 - Pickleball Challenge

    This challenge is for FUN!!

    The CSC will be offering a blind draw pickleball challenge. The challenge will be a round robin format and divided into two division. The green division will be for players with a self-rating of 3.5-4.5 and the orange division will be for players with a self-rating of 2.5- 3.4. The challenge will be limited to 16 participants per division. Participants will sign up separately and be paired based on a blind drawing. Registration ends Friday, March 16.

    Member Price: Free

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    Add to Cart330120-05Pickleball Challenge-Green Division03/24/18- 03/24/18Sa 8:30A- 1:00P$018 years and UpN/AAvailableItem Details
    Add to Cart330120-06Pickleball Challenge-Orange Division03/24/18- 03/24/18Sa 8:30A- 1:00P$018 years and UpN/AAvailableItem Details

    330323 - Adult Winter Trips

    Join us this winter season as we take day trips throughout the Rochester, NY area and beyond!

    Trips have a minimum requirement of 7 and a maximum of 14 (subject to change depending on trip). Prices vary per trip. Call us at 723-2425 for more information!

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    Read Notice330323-00Adult Winter Trips12/21/16- 12/21/209912:00A- 12:00A$018 years and UpN/AFullItem Details

    350352 - Beginner's Woodturning Workshop

    This will be a hands-on beginner's class where students will learn the fundamentals of woodturning. Woodturning is a craft that utilizes a lathe to make functional items. Participants will have to choose one item to make from the following:

    -Honey Dipper
    -Candle Stick Holder
    -Tooth Pick Holder

    *Please Note: Please be sure to select the item you would like to make when registering for program.

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    Add to Cart350352-02Beginner's Woodturners Workshop04/28/18- 04/28/18Sa 8:30A- 12:00P$15Birth and UpN/AAvailableItem Details

    360210 - Friends N Fun Social

    The Friends-N-Fun Program is for adults and youth with special needs, 14 years of age and older. The program runs on Thursday nights but times may vary depending on the activity that is scheduled so please refer to Activities schedule.

    This program is designed to provide participants with an opportunity to be independent, experience recreational and cultural activities while increasing social skills, building self-esteem and becoming more independent through the use of fun group activities.

    Registration is limited to the first 60 participants.

    All activities originate at the CSC, 3 Vince Tofany Blvd., Greece, NY 14612.

    Please Note: All FNF participants being transported on field trips with the CSC need to have a 2018 Transportation Waiver on file at the Center.

    Activity Schedule:
    January 4-An Elvis New Years Celebration
    January 11-Barnard Exempt Restaurant (Hamburgers, Hots, Salads and Soda)
    January 18-Movie & Craft
    January 25-Line Dancing with Summer
    February 1-Black History Month Presentation with The Greece Public Library
    February 8-Men's Basketball Game: Nazareth College vs. Elmira
    February 15-Field Trip to Greece Olympia "Prism" concert
    February 22-Presidents Week Event-Open to Public-"Winter Dance with DJ/Craft & Pizza
    March 1-Bingo Night
    March 9-Musician Karen LaBella

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    Add to Cart360210-04Friends N Fun Social01/04/18- 03/08/18Th 6:00P- 7:30P$4514 years and UpN/AAvailableItem Details
    Add to Cart360210-05Friends N Fun Social03/29/18- 05/31/18Th 6:00P- 7:30P$4514 years and UpN/AAvailableItem Details

    410160 - Tiny Tykes Soccer

    This four-week exploratory program will introduce children to the game of soccer.
    *Please dress appropriately for outdoor play.

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    Read Notice410160-04Tiny Tykes Soccer04/28/18- 05/19/18Sa 9:15A- 10:00A$203 years to under 5 yearsN/AFullItem Details

    420352 - The Land of Make Believe

    This program combines creative drama and the use of the imagination to provide children with a safe space to develop confidence and have fun using various drama and improvisational games. Participants will have fun, make friends and learn to think outside the box.

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    Add to Cart420352-01The Land of Make Believe03/05/18- 04/09/18M 6:15P- 7:15P$66 years to under 13 yearsN/AAvailableItem Details
    Add to Cart420352-02The Land of Make Bel04/16/18- 05/21/18M 6:15P- 7:15P$66 years to under 13 yearsN/AAvailableItem Details

    420353 - Mini Monet

    Painting using easy, fun and creative techniques. An expressive program that allows kids to experiment with paint.

    Some Activities Include:
    -Kool-Aid Art
    -Splatter Art
    -Crayon Etching
    and much more!

    Please bring an old t-shirt or art smock to class. All art supplies provided.

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    Add to Cart420353-01Mini Monet03/06/18- 04/10/18Tu 6:30P- 7:30P$105 years to under 13 yearsN/AAvailableItem Details
    Add to Cart420353-02Mini Monet04/17/18- 05/22/18Tu 6:30P- 7:30P$105 years to under 13 yearsN/AAvailableItem Details

    420354 - April Recess

    Join us for fun activities during break week!

    Find out more about our activities during "Spirit Week" :

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    Read Notice420354-00April Recess "Spirit Week"04/02/18- 04/06/18M-F 9:00A- 9:00P$0Birth and UpN/ASee DetailsItem Details
    Add to Cart420354-01Magic Class Workshop with Cris Johnson04/02/18- 04/02/18M10:00A- 11:00A$68 years to under 16 yearsN/AAvailableItem Details
    Add to Cart420354-02Greater Rochester International Airport Tour04/03/18- 04/03/18Tu 8:45A- 1:30P$47 years to under 18 yearsN/AAvailableItem Details
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