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    120864 - Summer In House Programs

    Dancers will have the opportunity to work with a choreographer to create dance routines and put on a performance for parents and peers.
    Please Note: Participants will have the opportunity to select their music and dance style.

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    Read Notice120864-19Student Choreography Dance Workshop08/05/19- 08/26/19M11:30A- 12:30P$25/$07 years to under 18 yearsN/ASee DetailsItem Details
    Read Notice120864-20NASA Academy of Future Space Exploration08/12/19- 08/16/19M-F 9:00A- 12:00P$125/$06 years to under 13 yearsN/ASee DetailsItem Details
    Read Notice120864-21Intro to Cheerleading08/13/19- 08/15/19Tu, Th 9:00A- 11:00A$25/$05 years to under 9 yearsN/ASee DetailsItem Details
    Read Notice120864-22Little Footsteps of Greece: Road Adventure & Exploration07/08/19- 08/05/19M 9:00A- 1:30P$35/$05 years to under 12 yearsN/ASee DetailsItem Details

    120865 - Future Stars of Greece

    Similar to our theater program offered throughout the year, this program will teach kids to be passionate about drama and the arts. Participants will have a chance to act out an original play while learning character development, specific dramatic techniques, and other fine art skills.

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    Read Notice120865-01Future Stars of Greece07/22/19- 08/02/19M, W, F 1:00P- 4:00P$16/$07 years to under 14 yearsN/ASee DetailsItem Details

    130220 - Friends N Fun Golf League

    The Friends N Fun Mini Golf League is available to Center members with special needs. The league will run for four weeks followed by a banquet on July 2 with pizza, drink, and game tokens for each participant.

    Please Note: Mini golf is held at The Club House Fun Center on 3340 West Ridge Rd.

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    Add to Cart130220-03Friends and Fun Mini Golf06/04/19- 07/02/19Tu 3:30P- 4:15P$208 years and UpN/AAvailableItem Details

    130325 - Adult Spring/Summer Trips

    These are day trips designed for adults with adventure in mind! Times and rates vary depending on destination.
    Please call CSC with any questions - 723-2425

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    Read Notice130325-00Adult Summer Trips04/05/19- 08/30/19M-Sa 8:00A- 5:00P$018 years and UpN/ASee DetailsItem Details
    Read Notice130325-47Abbey of the Genesee in Pittsford, NY05/01/19- 05/01/19W 9:30A- 2:45P$318 years and UpN/AFullItem Details
    Add to Cart130325-48Tour of Stickley Furniture Factory & Museum05/08/19- 05/08/19W 8:15A- 4:00P$318 years and UpN/AAvailableItem Details
    Add to Cart130325-49Tour of the Downtown Presbyterian Church & The Episcopal Church of St. Luke and St. Simon-Cyrene05/15/19- 05/15/19W 8:30A- 2:00P$418 years and UpN/AAvailableItem Details
    Read Notice130325-50Lilac Festival05/18/19- 05/18/19Sa10:00A- 2:00P$218 years and UpN/AFullItem Details
    Add to Cart130325-51The Richardson Olmsted Campus in Buffalo05/21/19- 05/21/19Tu 8:45A- 4:30P$4318 years and UpN/AAvailableItem Details
    Read Notice130325-52Boat Cruise on Skaneateles Lake06/13/19- 06/13/19Th10:00A- 4:00P$4018 years and UpN/AFullItem Details
    Add to Cart130325-53Red Wings Baseball Game05/23/19- 05/23/19Th 9:45A- 2:45P$1218 years and UpN/AAvailableItem Details

    160210 - Friends N Fun Social

    The Friends-N-Fun Program is for adults and youth with special needs, 14 years of age and older. The program runs on Thursday nights but times may vary depending on the activity that is scheduled so please refer to Activities schedule.

    This program is designed to provide participants with an opportunity to be independent, experience recreational and cultural activities while increasing social skills, building self-esteem and becoming more independent through the use of fun group activities.

    Registration is limited to the first 60 participants.

    All activities originate at the CSC, 3 Vince Tofany Blvd., Greece, NY 14612.

    Please Note: All FNF participants being transported on field trips with the CSC need to have a 2017 Transportation Waiver on file at the Center.

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    Add to Cart160210-05Friends N Fun Social06/20/19- 08/29/19Th 6:00P- 7:30P$4514 years and UpN/AAvailableItem Details

    230350 - Open Wood Carving

    Experienced carvers and curious beginners are all welcome to drop in and get carving. Please provide your own tools. If you do not own any but are curious how to start, we encourage you to visit. The group meets every week. This is a free activity and open to all skill levels.

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    Read Notice230350-01Open Wood Carving09/10/18- 12/31/19M 9:00A- 11:30A$021 years and UpN/ASee DetailsItem Details

    230420 - Self Body Weight

    This class will focus on increasing strength, range of motion and endurance through the use of body weight only. Elements of Tabata will also be incorporated to increase cardio.

    This activity requires a credit from your Member Pass.
    16, 33, or 50 credits can be purchased at the front desk.

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    Read Notice230420-01Self Body Weight03/06/19- 05/30/19W 8:15A- 8:45A$018 years and UpN/ASee DetailsItem Details

    350356 - Family Fun Time

    Bring the family out for some play time at the Community Center! Each week you will explore a different activity with your child.
    Please Note: Parents are expected to accompany and participate in program.
    Program supplies will be provided.

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    Read Notice350356-02Family Fun Time03/05/19- 05/28/19Tu 7:00P- 7:50P$0Birth and UpN/ASee DetailsItem Details

    410160 - Tiny Tykes Soccer

    This four-week exploratory program will introduce children to the game of soccer.
    *Please dress appropriately for outdoor play.

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    Read Notice410160-05Tiny Tykes Soccer04/27/19- 05/18/19Sa 9:15A- 10:00A$203 years to under 5 yearsN/AFullItem Details

    420352 - The Land of Make Believe

    This program combines creative drama and the use of the imagination to provide children with a safe space to develop confidence, creativity and have fun. Participants will act out a play, and learn different drama and improvisational games to make new friends and learn what it is like to be in a show.
    Please Note: Proficient reading skills required for program.

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    Read Notice420352-08The Land of Make Believe04/17/19- 05/22/19W 6:00P- 7:30P$66 years to under 14 yearsN/AFullItem Details

    420354 - Spring Break Activities

    Join us for fun activities during break week!

    Find out more about our activities by Calling the Community Center at 723-2425

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    Read Notice420354-00April Break04/15/19- 04/18/19M-Th 8:30A- 7:30P$0Birth and UpN/AFullItem Details
    Read Notice420354-08Pretty Princess04/15/19- 04/15/19M 9:30A- 10:30A$53 years to under 7 yearsN/AFullItem Details
    Read Notice420354-14The Story Book Cook-April Break Activity04/17/19- 04/17/19W10:00A- 11:00A$82 years to under 8 yearsN/ASee DetailsItem Details
    Add to Cart420354-16Snapology: Robotics Technology04/18/19- 04/18/19Th 9:00A- 10:00A$154 years to under 7 yearsN/AAvailableItem Details
    Add to Cart420354-17Snapology: Robotics Technology04/18/19- 04/18/19Th10:15A- 11:15A$157 years to under 15 yearsN/AAvailableItem Details

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